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Hybrid OS : Alexander_Ekin 9550 – V732B(713-732-748-743-758)

Posted on: June 16, 2010

Alexander_Ekin 9550 V732B(713-732-748-743-758)

Komposisi : option+about screen) (BASE OS)

¤ Link:

Base OS From TBayTel

• Smooth
• Good Battery Life

Instruksi :
1. instal Official: OS dari TBayTel
2. instal Alexander_Ekin 9550 Hybrids V732B
3. Hapus vendor.xml
4. Backup HH Blackberry dengan Dekstop Manager
5. Backup Aplikasi BLACKBERRY® dengan BBSAK 1.7
6. Wipe BLACKBERRY® dengan Aplikasi BBSAK atau jl. cmder
7. Jalankan loader.exe

Linknya :

Alexander_Ekin 9550 Hybrids V732B



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