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Kepingin nyoba gimana OS 6 di BB,

Posted on: June 16, 2010


1. Back up data via DM

2. Wipe OS via BBSak

3. Install (+shrink a OS) OS base core

4. Cabut battery 5 menit

5. Connect BlackBerry™ ke PC via cabel data

6. Download File di bawah ini , sesuaikan dengan tipe hh kamu :

Spiceman Onyx Nitro v1.3 :

7. Run file.exe hasil download pada link diatas, otomatis patch hybrid akan ter inject ke OS base core existing yg sdh di install di hh.

8. Tunggu sampai proses benar2 tuntas

9. Cabut battery 5 menit / alt+aA+del

9. Restore data

10. Done !


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