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Ukuran Wallpaper dan Icon email untuk Tipe Blackberry

Posted on: June 20, 2010

BlackBerry® Onyx 9700
wallpaper 480×360
icon size 80×80

BlackBerry® Storm/9500/9530
wallpaper 360×480
icon size 73×73

BlackBerry® Bold/9000
wallpaper 480×320
icon size 80×80

BlackBerry® Javeline/8900
wallpaper 480×360
icon size 80×80

BlackBerry® 8520/8500
wallpaper 320×240
icon size 52×52

BlackBerry® 8350
wallpaper 320×240
icon size 46×46

BlackBerry® 88xx/8700/83xx
wallpaper 320×240
icon size 48×36

BlackBerry® Flip/8220
wallpaper 240×320
icon size 52×52

BlackBerry® Pearl/81xx
wallpaper 240×260
icon size 48×36

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